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  • Discover ProData Media Group’s Platform Advantages

    There are plenty of tools that advertising agencies utilize to make sure that they are targeting the right demographic and using the right strategies. However, ProData is different because we utilize real-time data to take things to the next level. What are some advantages of ProData? We’re glad you asked! Next-Level Targeting You’ll often hear […]

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  • How to Track Success of a Campaign in Google Analytics

    We all know that Google Analytics has become essentially the standard in campaign metrics and analysis. While it does have it shortfalls (quite a few of them actually), and that it does not actually measure every click coming through the website (it uses ‘sampling’ techniques), it does have several powerful features which make it quite […]

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  • Geo-Location vs. Geo-Fencing

    If you’re a local or distance sensitive business – you’ve likely heard about geolocation before. The benefit of using one of the two technologies is the ability to target customers who may be close to your restaurant, car dealership or service business. Using these technologies provides a much more targeted approach to ensuring that the […]

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  • ProData Media Group is Certified Against Fraud by Trustworthy Accountability Group

    Since 2016, ProData Media Group has been working with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), to combat the proliferation of impression fraud in the digital advertising ecosystem. As one of twenty companies who were initially awarded the Certified Against Fraud (CAF) seal by TAG, ProData Media Group has led the fight to marginalize digital ad-fraud. As […]

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