Targeted Display Ads with Native

  • All campaigns are fully-managed and use comprehensive IP & device specific cross targeting.
  • Industry Specific Behavioral Targeting with proprietary A.I. Predictive Modeling Engine
  • All Inclusive Placement with Hyper-Local Geographic Targeting, Geo-Fencing & Native Content Ads.
  • Unparalleled Network Coverage- Nearly 97% of all Domestic Programmatic Ad Space
  • Programmatic Video

    • Our display platform allows you to embed in-page video within the network.
    • These ads are deployed programmatically using all of our proprietary targeting capabilities.
    • Video Ads can run independently or inclusive as a part of a display campaign package.

  • Acquisition Display Retargeting

    • We identify, track and target an individual who takes action on our campaigns and then repetitively re-market that specific consumer across all their devices.
    • A pixel is placed on all ads deployed on a display campaign and is not needed on the client’s website. This pixel marks an individual who “clicks” for re-marketing.
    • Each “clicker” is then targeted more frequently. Typically, 5-20 more times monthly, based on their continued browsing activity and until contracted impressions are served.

  • Digital Eblast

    • Our “A.I.” predictive modeling engine matches consumer data to over 400M consumer records & device identifiers. This allows for deployment across multiple display and PPC platforms- all tied to the consumer’s personal information such as name, postal address, mobile device, etc.
    • Cutting edge technology identifies in-market consumers in real-time, then drives traffic to hosted creatives – eliminating the need for traditional inbox delivery.
    • 100’s of demographic, psychographic and intent-based consumer data selects



“Real-Time Location-Based
Mobile Marketing”

Our technology creates a virtual geographic boundary around a physical location. This then triggers our platform to display an advertisement after a consumer enters the “fenced” region.


  • Event Targeting

    Sports, Concerts, Conventions, Entertainment,
    Festivals & more!

  • Competitor Defection

    ‘Fence’ your competitor’s location as an add-on
    to your omni-channel campaign.



Our goal is to bring transparency
and efficiency to the digital advertising world
through automation and simplicity.
ProData possesses the skills, experience
and ability to fully execute all of your
digital marketing initiatives in today’s competitive
and ever-changing market.