There are plenty of tools that advertising agencies utilize to make sure that they are targeting the right demographic and using the right strategies. However, ProData is different because we utilize real-time data to take things to the next level. What are some advantages of ProData?

We’re glad you asked!

Next-Level Targeting

You’ll often hear platforms boast about how they can target specific consumers, but ProData takes it to the next level. In fact, our AI and predictive modeling engine allows you to target with unprecedented accuracy. We have an extensive database of over 400 million device identifiers, crossed referenced IP’s, hundreds of demographic/psychographic selects, and more.

We Believe in Transparency

We know that there are many competitors that believe in shortcuts, but at ProData, we pride ourselves on transparency and accountability. That’s why we ensure high-quality and bot-free traffic. We also don’t just say that, we back it up: we plug directly into Botman® & Protected Media® fraud scoring platforms to ensure that even the smartest bots don’t fool our clients.

ProData is also proud to be a founding member of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). All of our campaigns are TAG Certified Against Fraud. Our team also goes through a rigorous process every year to make sure that we are up to date as well as compliant.

Covering All Bases

Thanks to ProData’s expertise and experience, we cover 97% of the domestic digital ad space. We figure out which consumers to target, how to target them, and when is the best time to target them. Our connections and relationships with major ad networks and publishers make this possible.