Display & Retargeting Campaign Study

Online Retail Product

  • This is a monthly progress report from a campaign that includes display advertising, with retargeting. The goal of the campaign was to drive consumers to purchase directly online.
  • The contracted number of impressions were one million. In this example, we over-delivered to achieve the minimum 1% CTR (or 10,000 total monthly clicks).
  • Reports are always broken down by mobile vs. desktop, browser/device & impressions/clicks per ad.
  • This client achieved a 2.1% conversion rate on clicks (209 sales). At $217 net per acquisition, they had a positive ROI of 127% (net profit of $25,353).

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Omni-Channel Display Campaign Study

Automotive Dealership

  • This is a tracking report from an automotive omni-channel display campaign with acquisition retargeting. The goal of the campaign was to drive vehicle sales.
  • The client contracted one campaign to “in-market buyers” with an additional deployment for retargeting.
  • Display campaigns are always broken down by mobile vs. desktop, browser/device, impressions, clicks and graphs to demonstrate daily performance.
  • The client runs this campaign structure six times over a three month period. During that time frame, we recorded 15,323 website clicks. The increase in web traffic resulted in significantly more foot traffic and a month-over-month increase in vehicles sold.

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Local Display with Geo-Fencing Campaign Study

National Home Builder Open House

  • This study represents a single deployment, open house registration drive from a National home builder client. The goal of the campaign was to drive RSVP’s to sell units in a property development.
  • The goal of the campaign is to attract local home buyers to the property
  • This report is an example of how we can show a breakdown of cities- represented by the pie chart above.
  • As a result of this single deployment, the client received a CTR of 2.49% (1,741 clicks). They saw a 34% increase in RSVP’s- from only a $1,400 total campaign cost.

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Case Studies

  • Nissan Automotive Dealership

    Working with the local auto dealer, ProData was able to create a geographic fence around competitor locations, as well as determining intent by identifying those who visited more than one dealer showroom. After identifying the visitor and displaying relevant advertisements, an increase of foot traffic was created to the Nissan dealer showroom.

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  • Restaurant Targets Radius Around Locations

    The national restaurant chain we worked with was seeking to target new and existing customers within 10-miles of their locations. After creating segmented audiences, we identified those who had visited vs. those who had not visited the restaurant within the last 30-days. This allowed us to create multiple effective strategies to not only drive in new business, but to also increase repeat business.

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  • Proximity Targeting Delivers New Members

    A leading gym franchise utilized proximity targeting to serve advertisements to individuals who drove by their locations on major boulevards. Through increased brand awareness and a postal mail follow-up the franchisees location increased new memberships by an average of 5%

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