If you’re a local or distance sensitive business – you’ve likely heard about geolocation before.

The benefit of using one of the two technologies is the ability to target customers who may be close to your restaurant, car dealership or service business. Using these technologies provides a much more targeted approach to ensuring that the whomever sees your online advertisements is where you are located or are able to service.

Geolocation is the ability to detect the website or mobile apps visitor using either the mobile devices GPS or IP address to location. Typically for a geo-location type campaign, typically we’ll ask for their physical location and then create a radius around that point for “x” miles.

For a geo-fencing application, we’ll ask the client for specific locations that they would like to target — competitor locations, high-traffic areas, convention centers, and more. We then effectively “draw” a line around those areas – technically we’re creating a multi-point polygon using latitude and longitude coordinates.

In both cases, whenever a visitor on a website or someone using a mobile app “crosses into” the specific locales, we’ll begin targeting them with digital advertisements. Geo-location is a more “broad” approach, while geo-fencing is more laser-focused.

ProData specializes in both Geolocation and geofencing using display, native, rich media and video advertising.

If you have a need for geo-location or geo-fencing type campaigns, please contact us!