Since 2016, ProData Media Group has been working with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), to combat the proliferation of impression fraud in the digital advertising ecosystem. As one of twenty companies who were initially awarded the Certified Against Fraud (CAF) seal by TAG, ProData Media Group has led the fight to marginalize digital ad-fraud.

As part of the Certified Against Fraud seal requirements, ProData Media Group routinely audits our media buying practices on a quarterly basis. These audits include ensuring that we utilize a third-party vendor for fraud detection, along with utilizing IP blacklists which update at a minimum on a monthly basis. Additionally, ProData maintains a series of domain and mobile app bundle block lists to ensure we remain in compliance with TAG CAF.

Every year, ProData completes a renewal and recertification process with TAG to ensure we remain in compliance with the Certified Against Fraud standards and to remain in compliance.

ProData Media Group is an “Intermediary” and also supports Payment-ID as part of our platform bid responses, so our clients can “follow the money” when integrated with Payment ID. Payment ID allows for proper allocation and transparency of media buys throughout supported partners, and while not fully adopted across the industry as of yet, is becoming a valuable tool to ensure that media buys are being allocated properly.

A list of all TAG Certified Against Fraud companies may be found here.

Should you have any questions about ProData Media Group’s TAG Certified Against Fraud compliance; please contact us.